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    Farming Simulator 15 – Complet ... (2)

    Farming Simulator 15 – Complete Edition available now!

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    Stubble Pack v1.0 for FS 15 (1)

    Stubble Pack v1.0 for FS 15

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    Mod Installer v0.9 (Beta) for FS 15

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    Hardi Commander v1.0 for FS 15 (4)

    Hardi Commander v1.0 for FS 15

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    Single Chipper Machine v1.0 for FS 15

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    Snow Plowing Mods v1.0 for FS 15

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    Notes Mod v1.1 by LoogleCZ for FS 15

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    Mod Installer v0.9 (Beta) for ... (4)

    Mod Installer v0.9 (Beta) for FS 15

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    Mod Manager 1.1.23 for FS 15 (4)

    Mod Manager 1.1.23 for FS 15

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    Notes Mod v1.0 by LoogleCZ for ... (2)

    Notes Mod v1.0 by LoogleCZ for FS 15

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Do you like the new Farming Simulator 15?

» » » » Vehicle Sort v0.5 for FS 15

Vehicle Sort v0.5 for FS 15

Vehicle Sort v0.5 for FS 15


Vehicle Sort v0.5 for Farming Simulator 15 game.


Version 0.5
Fast conversion for LS17

Parkfunktion I had to deactivate unfortunately, since in the LS17 but a little changed.
Mod is VERY untested, so calculate with errors!

Before many questions or suggestions for improvement come, I find unfortunately no longer the time to modden. Have made the fast conversion for a buddy, who has my ears fullhearted and that only because it was implemented in one evening. Make them online. If I have time in the future, I'll see what I can still build. If you are dissatisfied, please simply skip the mod.

present here with Vehicle Sort my first mod for the LS15.
Since it has annoyed me the LS have long known that you can not manually change the order in which you jump using the Tab key to scroll through the vehicles, I have created a small tool for this purpose.
You can also change by VehicleSort quickly between the individual vehicles.
Furthermore, let vehicles now 'park', ie they will no longer be skipped when changing the Tab key.

Update V0.4:
Integrated parking function
Converted Store image in .dds
Multiplayer support is enabled (see below!)
Update V0.3:
Fixed bug when buying / selling vehicles
Fixed bug in display of multi-column list

Update v0.2:
Operation which can be customized in the option menu of the LS. Standard operation, see below.
Fixed sorting bug when reloading a Map

To operate:
All my NumPad or mouse - can be customized in the options of LS
Press 0 / Middle mouse button opens / closes the vehicle list. This shows the vehicles in the order in which you will jump using the Tab key, incl. The attached tools / Treiler / etc.
Buttons 2 & 8 / mouse wheel to move the marker (green) through the list.
5 key / left mouse button selects a vehicle to move - the marking changes to red. Press again to exit the shift mode.
Press Enter / right mouse button changes directly to the selected vehicle.
Plus key / mouse button 4 is parked / unparked a vehicle.
If you sit yourself in a vehicle, this is written in the list of fat.
Parked vehicles will be skipped using the Tab key when switching. In the game world, they are marked with a <P>. You can not be accessed from outside (unfortunately can not currently resolve otherwise). To activate a parked vehicle again, it must either return 'unparking' in the list of vehicles or be jumped directly via quick release.

I could not test it because I do not have time for multiplayer games for reasons of time - so I do not know exactly how the LS handles the hopping sequence in multiplayer games. By popular request, I have the MP-activated ability with the update 0.4. The mod is not tested in multiplayer from me!

Notes / Error:
The log is clean with me with previous test - the mod has not previously been tested on different systems. If you find errors, please post in the comments or via PM.
Technically gaukelt the parking function before the game, that another player is seated in the vehicle. For this reason, parked vehicles will be shown on the map with a player icon Whether and how this impacts on the MP, I can, as already mentioned frequently, do not test.
Another solution I've got not bug free or only with considerably more complicated interface up and running, so I avoided on this compromise. If that does not appeal, which must give up my parking function.

  • Credits: Dschonny
  • Installation: Copy the downloaded file in the folder My Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2015 \ mods \
Vehicle Sort v0.5 for FS 15 Vehicle Sort v0.5 for FS 15 Vehicle Sort v0.5 for FS 15 Vehicle Sort v0.5 for FS 15

Download [29,63 Kb] (Downloads: 2)

Tags: Vehicle

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