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  • Frederic-Avatar Frederic 30.01.2018
    Farming Simulator 15 – Complet ... (2)

    Farming Simulator 15 – Complete Edition available now!

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    Stubble Pack v1.0 for FS 15 (1)

    Stubble Pack v1.0 for FS 15

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    Mod Installer v0.9 (Beta) for ... (4)

    Mod Installer v0.9 (Beta) for FS 15

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  • Rose Prieur-Avatar Rose Prieur 15.01.2018
    Hardi Commander v1.0 for FS 15 (4)

    Hardi Commander v1.0 for FS 15

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    Single Chipper Machine v1.0 fo ... (3)

    Single Chipper Machine v1.0 for FS 15

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    Snow Plowing Mods v1.0 for FS ... (1)

    Snow Plowing Mods v1.0 for FS 15

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    Notes Mod v1.1 by LoogleCZ for ... (1)

    Notes Mod v1.1 by LoogleCZ for FS 15

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    Mod Installer v0.9 (Beta) for ... (4)

    Mod Installer v0.9 (Beta) for FS 15

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    Mod Manager 1.1.23 for FS 15 (4)

    Mod Manager 1.1.23 for FS 15

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  • AdrianAdrienChatwin-Avatar AdrianAdrienChatwin 20.12.2017
    Notes Mod v1.0 by LoogleCZ for ... (2)

    Notes Mod v1.0 by LoogleCZ for FS 15

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Do you like the new Farming Simulator 15?

» » » ОАО Тарасовo Map v4.1.1 for FS 15

ОАО Тарасовo Map v4.1.1 for FS 15

ОАО Тарасовo Map v4.1.1 for FS 15


ОАО Тарасовo Map v4.1.1 for Farming Simulator 15 game.


ENG: Tarasovo village is a place where Ukrainians live and work, Belarusian, Russian and a little bit of Armenians. The region is not very habitable and popular, but someone has to start to raise the region's economy.
There is no forest industry, concrete plants and other process industries. Card for those who like to engage in the cultivation of cereals and root crops. Prices for potatoes here 3 times higher than in standard economy. Culture + standard sunflower, rye, oats. Cows give milk (chickens and sheep is not).

Part of the first: the arrival.
Are you an experienced farmer with a heavy bundle of cash. Since the beginning of work in the fields there are buyers of agricultural products. The village is reborn, the number of people and vehicles is increasing. In the south (in the fork of the road to Moscow) Petrovich rose from ray.tsentra on his Gazelle and sells seeds and fertilizers, you - his favorite wholesale buyer.
It is widely known in narrow circles trader b / y technique Ashot Karapetovich Bagmanyan, due to open markets and a lack of competition, opened its dealership in the south of the map, near the road to Moscow. It sells equipment of all brands as a new and b / y. And it rents for rent (if used MachineryRental modes)

Part second: infrastructure and "green" technology.
In the village there was a water tower. The water in it is paid. However, water can collect in the river, there is free of charge.
On the territory of the old power station appeared BHA working on straw ** (There is such a fashion Straw PowerPlant). Now, residents in the village enough electricity and gas for heating.
Has registered on its own traffic map *, based on the Mod "Russian Traffic Pack", only MTZ-80 excluded from the main traffic - well, nothing to do with the tractor plow on federal highways. Tractor rides between fields. On routes buses.
Corrected a mini-map: said shop / agricultural machinery, electric power, machine yard, current (red trailer in a blue square) and the cowshed.
Specially made for the s2218 "children" banner ovoschebazah.
Well, all sorts of little things molozametnye.

* - Corrected vehicle speed, now they travel at speeds of 38 ... 40 km / h on the highway and at a rate of 28..32 km / h over the ground.
** - In power can unload bales of straw and loose. For alluvial straw is a factor 2, its price will be 0.78 ue per liter, but on bales multiplier is not working, so the bales are sold at a standard price for a liter of 0.04 ye


Changes in v4.1.1:

- Align the economy: now the economic benefits of the same cereal.
- Fields without a harvest, "rolled up" into the grass

- now have to plow fields before planting.

- The price of such fields is lowered by 15-20%.


Changes in 4.1 Winter Cherry:

Map for forest classes, growing vegetables in greenhouses and breeding of dairy cows.
Saplings of fruit trees from Helsova the north. Manure for greenhouses in the south Suleymanova.
The river is frozen, so the water can be dialed only from a water tower for a fee.
Grains and root crops can be planted, too, but they will grow sooo long.

I recommend mod Pack tree Seedlings

Mirror 1: Map
Mirror 2: additional fashion map

In additional MODs are:
AAA_UniversalProcessKit - was to purchase manure;
BuyBales_13 - purchased bales of straw, hay and silage (appearing after the purchase in the shop machinery), prices corrected (the original MOU);
ZZZ_multiFruit} These modes were in the original map
ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard} they are for "Multifruit"
ZZZ_multiMowing} if you do not deal with crops, they are tender


Tested on 1.4.2 game version.

ОАО Тарасовo Map v4.1.1 for FS 15 ОАО Тарасовo Map v4.1.1 for FS 15


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